Book 1 of The Raincoast Saga

This is how the end begins!
It happens in one disastrous year.
Fear, greed and pandemic ravage the planet.
Smith is a fixer, but he's caught in a relentless downward spiral toward the death of civilization.
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"Morgan Nyberg is a masterful, eloquent storyteller."
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Book 2 of The Raincoast Saga 

He survived the global collapse and pandemic.
He built a community among the remnants of the "Good Times".
His people have clung stubbornly to human values.
But when others try to destroy what they've built, what can they do but resist? 
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"This book stunned me with its power and richness." 
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"A magnificent book… an exquisitely formed vision of a broken world."
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Book 3 of The Raincoast Saga

Sixty years later the community's few remaining residents face annihilation by disease.
Fraser, the founder's great-grandson, leads a desperate trek to find a new site for the community.
But his deranged and homicidal father looms like a sinister force over the ill-fated expedition.
Love, death, violence and betrayal await in this unforgettable road trip through a post-apocalyptic landscape.
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"Brutal and unforgiving; yet there are acts of great love and compassion."
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". . . a book that I won’t easily forget."
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Book 4 of The Raincoast Saga

Into the ruins of a dead city Fraser ventures in search of medicine for his mother.
Waiting for him is a shabby underground dystopia. 
Here prisoners fight to the death to entertain their master.
Here cannibalism is normal.
And here Fraser's medicine is hidden.
You'll wish you could tell Fraser to turn back as his reckless determination drives him deeper and deeper into the mouth of danger.
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"A true example of a ‘cannot put it down oh my goodness I've stayed up until two in the morning reading it’ novel."
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Book 5 of The Raincoast Saga

He believes in truth. He believes in kindness. And so he is marked for death.
Civilization died 400 years ago. Now, using slavery and superstition, the ruthless Bear Clan controls a wilderness of forest on Canada's West Coast. Their bizarre Bear religion is imposed everywhere.
But Frost, the young leader of an opposing clan, clings to the ancient values of the Good Times.
His people are afraid and few in number. Betrayal is inevitable.
Soon Frost stands alone, facing the might of the Bear Clan.
Can he prevail against overwhelming force?
Can he even survive?
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"Nyberg has a knack for the odd, telling anachronism that makes his apocalyptic tales unlike any others that I have read."
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